We design and manufacture architectural and decorative metal pieces to last generations.


The success of luxury architectural projects is determined by the finer details, big and small. Our meticulous approach and ability to find architectural solutions that surpass expectations, means our clients do not need to compromise on ambitious designs to achieve their goals. At Legacy of the Antipodes, we are considered specialists in the exclusive field of custom steel joinery, along with finishes to complement complex designs.

large steel french doors


Steel joinery products are increasingly sought after for high-end homes, offices and retail spaces. Visually striking and made to last, they are considered a luxury product in a niche market. At Legacy of the Antipodes, our bespoke steel doors and windows are a natural talking point in any interior. Made to the highest standards by elite craftsmen trained at a world-renowned European trades university, our products are certainly a labour of love.


Handmade with the greatest care and effort, our steel doors and windows stand apart from other metal joinery products. We can deliver large formats and arch shapes. Unique and tailored for luxury architectural and heritage projects, our custom steel joinery is sure to add a stunning touch to your interior. During our consultation process, we will discuss the size of the frames, design details, and finishes for your steel joinery project, as well as glazing and hardware inclusions. As always, we’re in the business of rising above the ordinary.

Architectural services

  • Steel doors
  • Steel windows
  • Stairs, handrails and balustrades
  • Arbours and gates
  • Handles and brackets
  • + so much more
custom Reeded Glass Door

Our latest architectural work

Our Office Renovation

Shop Fitting: The Coop in Byron Bay

Steel Dividing Wall

Bookshelf with ladder

Steel sliding door

Wrought Iron Candelabra

Unrivalled attention to detail

Created by master craftsmen

Specialists in custom steel joinery

Next-level luxury finishes


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