Terms and Conditions


“We” and “us” refers to MullumJoinery Wood & Metal Pty Ltd (MWM) trading as Legacy of the Antipodes (LOTA), ABN 93615778400.

“You” and “your” refers to any client and/or agents acting on behalf of the client.

“Project” refers to any works relating to Consulting, Manufacturing and/or Installation of Products, Goods and Services.

“Proposal” refers to any estimates, quotes or other pricing information regarding a Project.


We will send the details of your payment schedules in our Proposal.

Acceptance of Proposals are time-sensitive. Therefore, once the expiration has passed, Proposals may be subject to pricing and schedule reviews by us.

Below outlines a guide to our schedule structure.

Time Schedule for Manufacturing

  1. 10% of the Quoted price is required as a deposit to book your Project. Once the payment is received, seven calendar days cooling off period starts allowing you to step back if your plans have changed. Once the seven days have lapsed, your Project is officially booked with us.
  2. Once the deposit has cleared, the subsequent invoice of 50% of the quoted price will be issued to proceed with the order of materials and start manufacturing.
  3. For any Projects below $40,000, the 40% remaining of the Quoted price will be invoiced at manufacturing completion.
  4. Any Project above $40,000 will be subject to further division over time-based instalments mentioned in the Project Proposal. Detailed time-based instalments will be provided to the client to be discussed and agreed on before the seven days of the 10% booking have lapsed.

Time Schedule for Estimated Delivery and Installation

We do not offer fixed values for delivery and installation costs due to many variables that can occur throughout the process. Our estimates are formed upon our extensive professional experience.

We will keep the progress of our time throughout the entire process and update you if there are misalignments with estimates.

Services included with delivery and installation estimate:

  • Labour to deliver and install Goods and any accompanying tools and equipment to complete the Project;
  • All return travel from our Mullumbimby workshop. Long-distance travel that requires flights, accommodation, meals and incidentals; and/or
  • The hiring of specialised vehicles, machinery, lifting and safety equipment.

Structure of payments

  1. A booking fee (10% of the estimated price) must be paid when the Project is accepted. Another invoice will be issued at the same time as the manufacturing booking.
  2. Invoices for of specialised vehicles, machinery, lifting and safety equipment and long-distance travel costs (e.g., flights and accommodation)will be issued with the booking fee.
  3. Delivery and Installation accrue at an hourly rate per person.
  4. Invoices for labour will be issued weekly.
  1. The booking fee will be deducted from the final installation

Claim for payment

All payments are to be made within seven days of issue.

If your payment(s) are withheld or not made, we may suspend the carrying out of the Project.

15% per annum interest will apply on and from the 8th day of the issue of any claim for payment. All Goods remain our property until paid for in full. Additional administration fees may apply.

Proposal booking fees are time-sensitive. Therefore, if invoices remain unpaid in full after the due date, a new Project schedule may be applied.

Unless otherwise stated in the Proposal, prices do not include the following:

  • other trades: e.g., carpentry, tiling/splashbacks, electricity or plumbing;
  • overtime, loading or penalty rates;
  • installation and delivery; and/or
  • appliances, hardware or Installation of integrated appliances.


Your signature is required upon receiving Goods to ensure they are in good working order and to specification at the time of agreeing to our Proposal.

Collecting Goods

  • We will arrange Goods for manual removal by an individual or team of fit and capable adult(s). We have limited manual handling equipment that can only be used within the internal boundaries of the workshop.
  • Goods being collected by you or by your appointed third party are responsible for all protective packaging, lifting equipment, transport hire costs and insurance.
  • The collection is available by advanced booking once payments have cleared in full. Bookings can be made Monday- Friday between 9.00 am – 4.00 pm (excluding NSW public holidays).
  • Goods will need to be collected within seven days of our notification date. Following these seven days, if Goods haven’t been picked up in full, we will charge a storage fee of 149 AUD/week for a maximum of four weeks. Payment for storage fees needs to be paid in full prior to collection. After four weeks, we will start disposing of Goods according to the NSW Uncollected Goods Act 1995.

Delivery and/or Installation

If the premise is not ready for Installation of the Project on the mutually agreed date, we will either:

  1. Deliver Goods to premises if there is appropriate storage available. We will return on a suitable date to complete the Installation. We cannot be held responsible for the repair or replacement costs if stored Goods are damaged during the storage period; or
  2. Store Goods at our workshops at a rate of 149 AUD/week until a suitable delivery date is organised.


Reasons why premises may not be ready for Installation may include:

  1. Other tradespeople not completing their required part(s) promptly;
  2. Obstruction and/or deemed unsafe conditions to access, egress, or work on site;
  3. Force Majeure Event – any event or circumstances beyond our reasonable control;
  4. Changed or inaccurately provided information by any party relating to site plans, measurements and/or other fittings located at the premises; and/or
  5. We cannot be held responsible for any delays outside our work scope.


Variations to quoted work will incur additional costs and will be outlined in a separate Proposal.


Throughout the course of the Project, we may take photographs or videos of the Project for promotional purposes or otherwise advertise its involvement in the Project.

You agree to provide a perpetual licence to us to use any multimedia materials procured in respect of the works for advertising purposes at our sole discretion. Such use may include, but is not limited to:

  1. posting photographs or videos of the Project on our websites and social media accounts;
  2. digital platforms or in printed media;
  3. advertising the Works on signage; and
  4. advertising our involvement in the Project at events.


We will never disclose of personal information such as home addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.


Where applicable, you are responsible for all planning approvals with government departments, body corporate, landlords, certifiers and/or other regulatory bodies before the commencement of work.


Manufacturing Cancellation

  • If you cancel your Project within the 7-day cooling off period, we will refund the deposit less admin fees of 149 AUD.
  • If your Project is cancelled by you after the 7-day cooling period has lapsed, the deposit is non-refundable.
  • If you cancel your Project once manufacturing and ordering materials have commenced, we will refund you the value of unspent manufacturing time, administration costs and items that can be fully refunded or cancelled by our suppliers.

Delivery and Installation Cancelation

  • If you cancel the delivery and/or Installation of your Project within the 7-day cooling period, we will refund the deposit, less admin fees of 149 AUD.
  • If the delivery and/or Installation of your Project is cancelled by you after the 7-day cooling period has lapsed, the booking fee is non-refundable.
  • Equipment hires and long-distance travel costs will be refunded, less supplier cancellation fees.
  • If, for any reason and at any given time, we can no longer deliver and install, we will refund your booking fee in full.


We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions from time to time to reflect changes to the law or our Services. Accordingly, we request that customers review the Terms and Conditions regularly.

Any Clients with incomplete Projects will be informed of any changes to our Terms and Conditions.


Once the criteria for the Essentials package have been exhausted, any more time will be charged hourly.

We have formulated this package based on seven years of tested research. We have analysed our clients’ journey from research and development through to quote acceptance for one bespoke designed quality kitchen for the average family home.

We discovered that 90% of clients who have already researched their design and lifestyle needs for their cabinetry would run with their first strong idea because it is the most considered concept.

The purpose of the package is a concise way for our seasoned professionals to take a pragmatic approach to refine your considerations.

If you find this package does not suit your needs, then we recommend selecting the Comprehensive option, where you can allow time to explore more options.

  • Return travel to and from our Mullumbimby workshop
  • Materials selection
  • Room measurements
  • Design layout and spacial planning
  • Research
  • Negotiating the best prices with our suppliers
  • Proposal preparation
  • Other necessary documentation and administration activities


Laurent also plays the classical acoustic guitar ;)

Legacy of the Antipodes holds the intellectual property rights to our unique style of flood-resilient cabinets that have been engineered, designed and tested to meet our renowned high standards.

While we can accept input from other design professionals, we expect to spend time researching and verifying the design to ensure it meets our standards.

Suppose you have already engaged with a reputable, experienced professional interior designer or architect. In that case, it is normal for us to receive a set of finalised floor and elevation plans that include measurements and a specified list of materials (product schedule). Each designer’s methodology and scope of works can be different.

If plans are missing details, we may be able to make a provisional price range which will have to be refined further during subsequent consultation time. During peak times, we request you return to your original designer for a complete design; otherwise, your will experience a delay in our process.

PRO TIP: The more detail your designer specifies, the less likely you will find unrealised costs across the entire construction project, not just cabinetry.

Yes, we love working on large projects like commercial shop fitting.

It is essential to ensure that all commercial projects are highly durable as they command higher usage than domestic ones. In addition, food premises need to ensure fit-outs are food-safe compliant.

Both front and back-of-house projects involve more research and are on a larger scale than domestic projects; therefore, we recommend working on the Comprehensive service.

We offer in-house Interior Design services with our Director, Lisa. She can assist with a full-service interior design to round out the room or an entire home.

Laurent will only coordinate the benchtop supply and installation and any in-house metalwork. Lisa sources and manages all other trades under our Interior Design portfolio of services.

Receiving payment confirms your booking.

Essential service payment is due at the time of booking.

Comprehensive service payment is due for the minimum commitment prior to the meeting commencement date.

Any work beyond the scope of the selected service will be charged hourly.

Invoices will be issued weekly, or before if a proposal is ready to be sent.

Designs and proposals are not released until all outstanding invoices are paid in full.

Changes need to be notified in writing via email.

A minimum of two business days’ notice is required for rescheduling meetings. Clients will be sent additional administration fees (10% of the first service payment’s value) will be charged per occurrence.

If the rescheduling notice occurs within two business days before the meeting, 100% of the first service payment’s value will be forfeited.

Cancellations are not permitted once payment has been received.


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Terms and Conditions