Our business began life more than two decades ago as Mullumbimby Joinery and with a different owner. In 2016, we took over as three friends and rebranded as Legacy of the Antipodes.

Today, we have evolved to become a multi-faceted trades business to capture a niche market in complex commercial and residential projects in partnership with leading architects and builders across Australia. We also engage in tailored residential projects.

To us, handcrafted interiors projects are all about an exquisite balance of art and science. Luxury. Beauty. Function. These are Legacy of the Antipodes’ trademarks. As many of our projects are high-end, it is common practice for us to work under Non-Disclosure Agreements to maintain confidentiality and privacy.

AN 800-year-old legacy

Our two French master craftsmen, Laurent and Thomas, were formally trained at the prestigious Les Compagnons du Devoir (“The Companions of Duty”), a trades university for artisans with origins dating back to the Middle Ages in France. There is no Australian equivalent in terms of intellect, traditions and many other core values. The calibre of this training is so unique that UNESCO recognises it under its Intangible Cultural Heritage program. Compagnons alumnus are revered across the world.  For Australian clients, what this translates to is access to an aesthetic sensibility, discipline and craftsmanship that will allow them to execute their dream project, no matter how complex.

Thomas De Toni

Thomas is recognised throughout Australia as a bold industry leader in metal fabrication, blacksmithing design and manufacturing, particularly in steel joinery. As an elite craftsman trained in a revered European tradition, Thomas is passionate about elevating custom-made products to the mainstream.

Career highlights

  • Lead set blacksmith, Thor Ragnarök, Australia
  • War memorial restoration, Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Western Front Region, France
  • Building modifications, Museum of Fine Arts, Marseille, France

Laurent Le Pochat

There’s nothing Laurent likes more than sinking his teeth into a professional challenge. As a master cabinet and furniture maker, this means the ability to express himself through complex design. He is also fascinated by working with specific materials and hardware for innovative results. Quality materials and an ethical approach is key to his work.

Career highlights

  • Foreman, Notre Dame de Paris, France
  • Antiquities restorer, Champagne region, France
  • Furniture Maker, Mortice and Tenon, Melbourne

Lisa Galvin

As the multi-talented Operations and Business Development Director, Lisa is also the first point of contact for the business. With a keen eye for interior design herself, she is devoted to forming partnerships with Australia’s leading architectural and design firms seeking quality finishes.

As part of Legacy of the Antipodes’ commitment to setting the bar high, Lisa is tasked with maintaining the integrity of its sustainability and safety practices, along with a host of other missions.


Once the criteria for the Essentials package have been exhausted, any more time will be charged hourly.

We have formulated this package based on six years of research. We have analysed our clients’ journey from research and development through to quote acceptance for one bespoke designed quality kitchen for the average family home.

We discovered that 90% of clients who have already researched their design and lifestyle needs for their cabinetry would run with their first strong idea because it is the most considered concept.

The purpose of the package is a concise way for our seasoned professionals to take a pragmatic approach to refine your considerations.

If you find this package does not suit your needs, then we recommend selecting the Comprehensive option, where you can allow time to explore more options.

  • Return travel to and from our Mullumbimby workshop
  • Materials selection
  • Room measurements
  • Design layout and spacial planning
  • Research
  • Negotiating the best prices with our suppliers
  • Proposal preparation
  • Other necessary documentation and administration activities


Laurent also plays the classical acoustic guitar ;)

Legacy of the Antipodes holds the rights to our unique style of flood-resilient cabinets that have been engineered, designed and tested to meet our renowned high standards.

While we can accept input from other design professionals, we expect to spend time researching and verifying the design to ensure it meets our standards.

Suppose you have already engaged with a reputable, experienced professional interior designer or architect. In that case, it is normal for us to receive, in the first instance, a set of finalised floor and elevation plans that include measurements and a specified list of materials (product schedule). Each designer’s methodology and scope of works can be different.

If plans are missing details, we may be able to make a provisional price range which will have to be refined further during subsequent consultation time. During peak times, we request you return to your original designer for a complete design; otherwise, your will experience a delay in our process.

PRO TIP: The more detail your designer specifies, the less likely you will find unrealised costs across the entire construction project, not just cabinetry.

Yes, we love working on large projects like commercial shop fitting.

It is essential to ensure that all commercial projects are highly durable as they command higher usage than domestic ones. In addition, food premises need to ensure fit-outs are food-safe compliant.

Both front and back-of-house projects involve more research and are on a larger scale than domestic projects; therefore, we recommend working on the Comprehensive service.

From mid-2023, we will offer in-house Interior Design services with our Director, Lisa. She can assist with a comprehensive service for your entire home.

Currently, we only coordinate the benchtop manufacturing and any in-house metalwork.

Receiving payment confirms your booking.

Essential service payment is due at the time of booking.

Comprehensive service payment is due for the minimum hourly requirement.

Any work beyond the scope of the selected service will be charged hourly. Invoices will be issued weekly, or before if a proposal is ready to be sent.

Designs and proposals are not released until all outstanding invoices are paid in full.

Changes need to be notified in writing via email.

A minimum of two business days’ notice is required for rescheduling meetings. Clients will be sent additional administration fees (10% of the first service payment’s value) will be charged per occurrence.

If the rescheduling notice occurs within two business days before the meeting, 100% of the first service payment’s value will be forfeited.

Cancellations are not permitted once payment has been received.


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