Case Study

Bookshelf with ladder

Project Details

This larger-than-life giant modern bookshelf, complete with ladder, is undoubtedly a bookworm’s delight!

Feature materials

Veneer and solid timber Victorian Ash
Finish Rubio Monocoat Nordic White

A famous philosopher once said, “A room without books is like a body without a soul”. Our clients for this project, in this case, a couple, are fans of this view. As avid readers, they had a vision for an extraordinarily huge bookshelf with ladder.

But there was one small problem: they couldn’t find anyone prepared to say ‘yes’ to such an audacious vision. So enter from stage left, us!

As artisans who revel in complex projects, we worked with the client to ideate the bookshelf with ladder design to perfectly fit their living room – and vision – much to their delight.

We made the shelves from Victorian Ash veneer. The ladder is a solid Victorian Ash timber with black hardware. A whitewash with Rubio Monocoat Nordic White was hand-painted all over the surfaces.
The result is a swoon-worthy bookshelf with ladder that is almost floor to ceiling. This magnificent piece of furniture not only pays homage to the beauty of literature. It has become one of the most notable and visually arresting parts of the house, acting as both a functional piece and beautiful as work of art in its own right.


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Bookshelf with ladder