Your Ultimate Kitchen Installation Guide

Kitchens are the heart of any home, so you don’t want to skip a beat with our ultimate kitchen installation timeline guide.
Completing your kitchen indicates the near end of a new build and really starts to pull the character of any home together. It is always a heartwarming and memorable experience to see our clients’ reactions when they finally get to start cooking and living in their kitchens. Kitchen installations can be one of the trickier parts of any building process. Juggling all your trades in one room to attend seamlessly within a few short months can be a masterful technique.

Read on to skilfully plan and execute your renovation, step by step

kitchen installation timeline
Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen.
Andrew Zimmern
Chef & Writer

Kitchen Installation Timeline

Deposit paid

Paying the deposit for cabinetry confirms the final design. The value of the the deposit covers the security deposit, plus the costs to order all the of the materials required for the job.

Ordering materials

All customised cabinetry materials need to allow up to two weeks for supply and delivery. This is particularly the case for veneer products.

Layout Plan

This is a drafted plan we provide of the cabinetry layout which has been based off the initial measurements.

This plan can be shared with your other trades and suppliers so all parties will be aware of each design element, e.g.: your plumber will know the sink and dishwasher locations, your tiling shop/tiler will know how many square metres to order for the splashback tiles.

Electrician rough-in

Your electrician can now run enough cables through walls to power your appliances and lighting. Switch back-plates need only to be fitted to walls.

PRO TIP: ensure your electrician has isolated the power supply to ensure children and pets can't access any loose cables until their next visit.

Plumber rough-in
Your plumber can now configure water pipes to the locations of sinks, dishwashers and water filtration. Gas pipes would also be required at this stage.

PRO TIP: if we have designed your renovation you will already know that we recommend keeping your gas and wet areas in the same place to save on plumbing expenses. All you would have to do at this stage is get the plumber to disconnect the old lines.

Both Gyprock and plastering needs to be fully completed.


PRO TIP: All wall-facing cabinetry needs to be screwed into a wall with minimum voids behind it, to ensure a pest- and draft-free environment.


The front of cabinetry with kickboards needs to sit on top of your floor covering of choice. Laying flooring after cabinetry is installed may leave your cabinetry too short and less ergonomic.

PRO TIP: if you are running short on flooring products, you may not have to lay flooring all the way to the wall if you have cabinetry with covering kickboards. Refer to your Layout Plan (above) or speak to us further before deciding on this method to ensure flooring is put down in the correct areas.


All integrated appliances (rangehoods, ovens and dishwashers) need to be delivered to our workshop for cabinetry fitting.

PRO TIP: almost all appliance manuals are notorious for having incorrect measurements, therefore retro-fitting appliances when they arrive months late can be a disaster!

Choose products that are already in-stock.

Final cabinetry measurements
With all of the above trades already completing their respective parts, we are now ready to take precise measurements.

Laurent will come on site at a convenient time to take final measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

Materials will be ordered at the end of this step.
Final plans
Digital rendered plans can be provided now all information is at hand.

Our in-house team measure, cut, dress and pre-assemble all cabinetry in our workshop prior to delivery. On average, this can take one week to complete.

We encourage clients to make time to inspect their kitchen prior to delivery.

The invoice relating to balance of materials and manufacturing costs will be issued at this point.

Delivery and installation

Delivery will be arranged for a suitable day subject to rain conditions.

Installation of lower and upper cabinets will follow in the coming days or weeks depending on the scale of you job.

Laminate and timber benchtops are likely to be installed now.

Painted cabinetry fronts (our contractor)

Veneer or painted fronts will now be sent to the paint shop for varnishing or painting, and will be ready for return in two weeks.

Benchtop templating (our contractor)

Our trusted contractors for sheet metal, stone or concrete benchtops are now able to come onsite to conduct precise measure ups.

If you have selected the same product as your splashback, this can be done now too.

They will then take these measurements to their workshop for manufacturing and return at least two weeks later.

PRO TIP: have your sink and taps ready onsite.

Benchtop installation (our contractor)

Contractors will return for installation.


Finalised wall and ceiling painting can now be done.

Splashback installation

If you have chosen glass or tiles, it is always best to install your splashback at this stage to ensure a neat and precise finish.

Plumber final

Plumbers can now return to connect taps, sinks, filtration, gas fittings, and install dishwashers.

Electrician final

Electricians can return to install all light fittings, switch face plates and connect up integrated electrical appliances.

Bon Appétit!

It's time to move in and get cooking!

Did you know?

This timeline is also relevant to bathroom, laundry and wardrobe renovations



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Your Ultimate Kitchen Installation Guide