Steel Arbour Design for Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk

We are delighted to announce our Director for Metal Fabrication, Thomas was awarded a permanent artist site with his steel arbour design, entitled, Un Ring, for the inaugural Mullumbimby Sculpture Festival.

Thomas’ reputation for precision and finesse in his designs set him apart. 

metal fabricator Thomas De Toni Mullumbimby Byron Bay

Thomas’ artist statement

The concept for this work came through researching circles. Circles appear in the earliest symbols and signs of our ancestors. Lots of cultures use circles to mean different things, but always it comes back to connection, unity. A Circle can also symbolise a doorway, or window, a view into another side of reality. In rituals, it often symbolises a rite of passage, and the circle holds great mystical significance.

I invite viewers to make their own interpretation about Un Ring’s meaning. They may even wish to create their own ritual when passing through Un Ring.


Byron Shire Council Acquisition

Un Ring has been permanently acquired by Byron Shire Council’s Public Art Panel for display in Mullumbimby’s Sculpture Walk.

Winner of the $5,000 Acquisition Prize: Jason Morning with “Germination” inspired by the local Davidson Plum
Winner of the People’s Choice Award: “Wish you were here” by John Walters


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Steel Arbour Design for Mullumbimby Sculpture Walk