Your Guide to Quality Cabinet Design Options

A helpful guide to our most popular kitchen and other cabinet design options using a variety of reputable products

Our cabinet designs are full of bespoke options, and it pays to get the look right because rooms such as kitchens are the most seen and utilised area of any home.

It is common for Australian kitchens to be built in open plan rooms that spill out to the dining, lounge and outdoor areas. Laundries located adjacent to kitchens are being converted into butler’s pantries to hide the messier aspects of a kitchen while still retaining the function of a laundry – a perfect solution for those who lead busy lives but like to retain order at home.

While social media shows off a fantastic array of sexy cabinetry, sometimes it is hard to know exactly what is beautiful, functional, practical, available in Australia and compliant with Australian Environmental and Safety Standards.

outdoor kitchen
Transition your indoor living outdoors with innovative alfresco products. Photo: Caesarstone

Our list of the most popular cabinetry design options

Doors/drawer fronts and end-panels

80’s Salmon Pink and 90’s Cream have given way to natural timber finishes, warm greys, monochrome, and even vibrant pops of colour. Our suppliers constantly bring out new stylish products to keep up with global trends. Technology has also seen some of these suppliers bringing in some finishes with anti-fingerprint technology through to realistic laminate boards in concrete and timber looks but at a fraction of the price when comparing the real deal. 

If your style is classical, you may like to opt for doors in your own shape or bespoke colours with 2-pack paint and routered doors (aka shaker or farmhouse doors). Of course, there is also timber in solid or veneer, which is available in a range of grain cuts and timber species. Below is a list of options ranked approximately from lowest to highest prices.

  • Laminate colour boards
  • Ply
  • Plain doors with 2-pack paint
  • Routered doors with 2-pack paint
  • Timber veneer (Australian or Exotic)
  • Paperock sustainable ply and composite decorative boards
  • Solid timber
kitchen design
L-R: Laminate; MDF routered doors with 2 pack paint; plain MDF with 2 pack paint; timber veneer; solid timber

Drawer runners and cupboard hinges

Our cabinetry hinges are made and engineered by Blum in Austria and hold a lifetime warranty. To learn more about the full range of Blum products click here.

Legrabox is our go-to runner range as the significant reduction of man hours to construct each box is offset by the chic assembly system.

TypeDetailsLifetime Warranty*Spring-Loaded,
Blum Standard HingesOur entry-level product. These hinges make a slight thud when cupboards are closed however are a cost-effective option for budget-conscious projects
Blum Soft-Close HingesQuiet cupboard closure. No door slamming
Blum Standard Drawer RunnersIdeal for the budget conscious. This is our entry-level product
Blum Movento Drawer RunnersConcealed runner system for the highest expectations
Blum Legrabox Drawer RunnersAward winning elegance with revolutionary new runner technology, functionality and design


Choose any combination of these functional and stylish designs.

  • Handles and knobs
  • Finger-pull
  • Touch to open (no handles)

We can even custom-make handles in timber, steel or brass for a luxurious finish

kitchen design byron bay
L-R: touch to open, a square handle, a bow handle, a knob and a mitred finger pull


Laminate bench tops can be a cost-effective option for the budget-conscious homeowner, however, as the market for engineered stone grows, prices have become more competitive. With eco-friendly living high on the Northern Rivers’ agenda, locals may prefer a solid timber bench top sourced from a mill. Below is a list of options, ranked approximately from lowest to highest prices*.

  • Postformed laminate
  • Local timber slabs joined by us (option to BYO timber), or pre-fabricated solid timber (please discuss these options with us further if using in a wet area
  • Engineered stone
  • Architectural concrete
  • Stainless steel, copper or brass
  • Porcelain
  • Natural stone

Kickboard colour

  • Brushed aluminium laminate
  • Colour-matched to your cabinetry
  • Extend your flooring (tiles or floorboards)

Those special touches

It’s nice to have those special extras to add a bit of luxury to your home and some are more affordable than you may think

  • Integrated appliances or sinks
  • Integrated LED lighting strips along kickboards, splashbacks or inside cupboards or pantries
  • Integrated vacuum cleaners
  • Corner cupboard carousel systems
  • Mini bar features, e.g., wine rack, glassware brackets, drinks fridge
  • Waste or storage bins
  • Spice racks
  • Drawer organisation partitions
  • Wine racks
  • Butler’s pantries
  • Booth seating
combined kitchen and mini bar design
These clever cookies opted for a mini bar instead of a breakfast bar under the island bench top.

Finishing your room

We do not typically supply these items but choosing the below before you get started on your cabinetry design may make your decisions much easier

  • Appliances
  • Splash backs
  • Sink/tapware
  • Lighting
  • Wall/ceiling paint
  • Flooring
  • Seats and stools
  • Windows
To learn more about Product Warranties and Maintenance click here.


* Please read the Blum product information to get a full understanding of warranties.

** Subject to final plans/requirements.



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Your Guide to Quality Cabinet Design Options