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Custom Wrought Iron Curtain Accessories

Project Details

Custom wrought iron curtain accessories including finials, tie-backs and rods. Available for delivery across Australia.

In this case study, we take the humble curtain and curtain accessories and catapult them to a whole new dimension.

In this titillating range of custom wrought iron curtain accessories, we feature shepherd hook-inspired designs (although we can easily also offer other modern and traditional designs based on individual taste).

The hand-forged wrought iron scrollwork is paired with locally made Italian linen gauze curtains for a luxurious resort aesthetic.

Wrought iron curtain projects pictured here include:

  • room divider rods with a large tie-back
  • curtain tie-back hooks
  • curtain rods with decorative finials.

These accessories have been matched with antique Indian timber block hooks for an intriguing bohemian touch. Alternatively, we can design customised in-house brackets for single or double curtain rails at any length. As we’ve discovered from many years of experience, these sophisticated, well-crafted touches make an interior truly special.


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Custom Wrought Iron Curtain Accessories