Case Study

Laurent’s Veneer Furniture Graduation Masterpiece

Project Details

Curved cabinet office veneer furniture. Hand made and designed by Laurent for his graduation major works in 2011.

Feature materials

Curved fronts European Sycamore Maple veneer and laminated ply substrate
Volcanic fault-line style design on the edge of doors African Bubinga veneer

Legacy of the Antipodes artisan Laurent studied for eight years at the prestigious French trades university, The Companions of Duty (French: “Les Compagnon du Devoir”) to become a master furniture and cabinet maker (French name: “Ebéniste”).

As part of his Compagnon graduation process, Laurent needed to deliver a furniture “masterpiece”
that would be used as furniture in their Muizon office, in the Champagne region of France.

The magnificently finished veneer furniture piece – which took no less than 300 hours to complete – has many distinct design features. These include curved fronts using European Sycamore Maple veneer, and laminated ply substrate volcanic fault-line style design on the edge of the doors to expose the contrasting African Bubinga veneer and internal shelving for documents.

Laurent was also required to make his own jigs to press and laminated the substrate layers together. Demanding an unbelievable level of complexity, creativity and technical skill, a project of this kind is rarely found in Australia. We are showcasing it here to demonstrate the truly unique talents of both our master craftsmen who are company directors.

The Jigs

The Volcanic Fault-Line Design

Each piece of veneer for the edge along the fault-line design was assembled by hand in strips
Design lines
Top view before varnishing and installation
Nearly complete


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Laurent’s Veneer Furniture Graduation Masterpiece