Case Study

Stainless Steel Window Frames

Project Details

Bespoke Art Nouveau stainless steel window design and manufacturing project as part of Thomas’ graduation assessment from Les Compagnon du Devoir.

Feature materials

Stainless Steel window frames Thermal core mass
Steel overlay Blue patina laser cut steel

The words “master craftsmen” can mean many different things. In our case, our two French-born master craftsmen, Laurent and Thomas, have earned this title after studying for eight years at a prestigious French trades university, The Companions of Duty (French: “Les Compagnon du Devoir”) to become a master blacksmith and metal fabricator (French: “Serrurier-M√©tallier”).

The elders decided they needed a new stainless steel window to replace an old rotting timber frame at a Compagnon building in Muizon, in the Champagne region of France. Thomas was responsible for designing, manufacturing and installing the project himself.

The new frame’s profile was filled with thermal insulating plastic blocks, as this location is prone to frosty weather. The Art Nouveau laser-cut overlay has a “blueing” treatment to it. The design was finished with a bright red painted wall, which is significant to Thomas’ Compagnon house colour.

Ultimately, these stainless steel window frames, completed in 2012, are a splendid combination of artistry and functionality, bringing to a culmination the skills Thomas acquired during his studies.

Note: another Compagnon has since added a complimentary Art Noveau-style installation to the ceiling.


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Stainless Steel Window Frames