Case Study

Art Display Shelving

Project Details

“Floating” bookshelf to house an award-winning piece of art.

Feature materials

MaterialsAmerican Oak Veneer

Precise mitre-corner boxes of varying sizes are stacked to form an almost-floating, asymmetrical display shelf, not a standard design, by anyone’s standards.

Constructed from American Oak, the purpose of the art display shelving was to draw attention to Oksana Waterfall’s award-winning artwork titled “The Girl from Kyiv” in the artist’s own home.

In this instance, the client provided us with highly specific and clear design plans for the project. Our job was to draw on our extensive training to cut and assemble the art display shelving with the utmost precision. Not only is the result a conversation starter, the shelving blends in beautifully with the rest of the room.


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Art Display Shelving